How I define the “passion” spectrum

I don’t know if I’m losing myself or finding myself, maybe a little of both. I feel like I am constantly on the verge of something, an ideal, a goal. I have been striving for success at my career, my health and body, and my personal projects. I feel like my flow of work goes and comes in this passion-addiction spectrum. It starts with the passion for that ideal, then some days it becomes obsessive, and I am yet to cross the line to an addictive state. Continue reading “How I define the “passion” spectrum”

Quick insight to what I learned while working in retail

Life is chaotic, there is no order, and if you try to fix everything all the time, you will just stress yourself.

This past week was my first week at work. I was hired at DSW and my job is to fix and organize the shoeboxes that people mess around with. Time goes fast doing that, trust me, I am really into organizing and stuff; it clears my mind and I am paid for it. Continue reading “Quick insight to what I learned while working in retail”