How starting the new year with the flu was an enlightening experience

Ringing the New Year is always a time of reflection, a time where you wish the best energy and health to those around you. So when I started this new year with the Flu, I couldn’t help but wonder what Karmic energy did I have to receive the new year sick in bed. Needless to say, I also spent my birthday with the virus and being home-bound for two weeks helped me realize a couple of things about sickness in such symbolic time of the year. Continue reading “How starting the new year with the flu was an enlightening experience”

How I define the “passion” spectrum

I don’t know if I’m losing myself or finding myself, maybe a little of both. I feel like I am constantly on the verge of something, an ideal, a goal. I have been striving for success at my career, my health and body, and my personal projects. I feel like my flow of work goes and comes in this passion-addiction spectrum. It starts with the passion for that ideal, then some days it becomes obsessive, and I am yet to cross the line to an addictive state. Continue reading “How I define the “passion” spectrum”

Why it’s important to be fascinated by something

My mom once told me I was the “ajonjolí de todos los moles”, which for those who don’t speak Spanish, it means that I like being in everything (the finger in every pie). By that I mean getting involved in different activities or hobbies (let’s call these passion sidelines), which are pretty much the many fascinations that I get myself into.

Continue reading “Why it’s important to be fascinated by something”