How I define the “passion” spectrum

I don’t know if I’m losing myself or finding myself, maybe a little of both. I feel like I am constantly on the verge of something, an ideal, a goal. I have been striving for success at my career, my health and body, and my personal projects. I feel like my flow of work goes and comes in this passion-addiction spectrum. It starts with the passion for that ideal, then some days it becomes obsessive, and I am yet to cross the line to an addictive state. Continue reading “How I define the “passion” spectrum”

Why I believe slowing down is key in personal fulfillment

This might be such a Millennial thought- but grinding one thing at a time is hard for us. We are the generation of instant gratification, so if something isn’t giving us what we want or “need” at the moment we are quick to move on to the next thing, all in hopes that the change will fulfill us. And I’m all about change, trust me, I haven’t lived in one place for THAT long before wanting to move again. Yet, I have come to understand that humans might benefit from doing or being something for a longer-than-usual period of time.

Continue reading “Why I believe slowing down is key in personal fulfillment”