A reminder that you are more than what you see

We have grown up believing that what we are made up of is not good or beautiful. We have been taught how to hide and conceal many of our characteristics and temporary conditions.

Society has embedded in our brains the need to see and copy. Mimicking all that is around us has been our second nature, because our first nature is just to be.

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My Gastronomic Romance in London and Paris

Britain, land of the Fish and Chips…my study abroad in London started with some prejudices of the lovely Brits, their bland food. I have to agree and disagree. London’s famous Fish and Chips tasted like NOTHING at all. Not even the vinegar that it comes with it added any flavor at all. The fish actually tasted like fried batter with barely any fish meat.

But I didn’t settle with the bad reputation of Britain’s food. As my laziness for cooking progressed during my two-month stay in the beautiful city, my palate persisted on trying new local restaurant foods, and my wallet proceeded to empty accordingly.

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