Thoughts on Morals and Values

I grew up in a Hispanic household, which I believe had the most impact on my current values and ethics. Honesty, respect, and as my mother used to say, “doing the right thing” have been resonating in my mind since the beginning of my conscious self. However, when my family and I moved to the United States, my values and ethics had a minor switch, as these are quite different here in the States. Teenagers leave their homes at the young age of eighteen to go to college, or even if they don’t go to college, most American kids are taught that independence and freedom come with leaving the family nucleus.

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A reminder that you are more than what you see

We have grown up believing that what we are made up of is not good or beautiful. We have been taught how to hide and conceal many of our characteristics and temporary conditions.

Society has embedded in our brains the need to see and copy. Mimicking all that is around us has been our second nature, because our first nature is just to be.

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