How starting the new year with the flu was an enlightening experience

Ringing the New Year is always a time of reflection, a time where you wish the best energy and health to those around you. So when I started this new year with the Flu, I couldn’t help but wonder what Karmic energy did I have to receive the new year sick in bed. Needless to say, I also spent my birthday with the virus and being home-bound for two weeks helped me realize a couple of things about sickness in such symbolic time of the year.

I believe catching the Flu (or cold) is a way your Higher Self is communicating to you to slow down.

Finding myself in the couch, binge watching Netflix shows I never thought I would have the time to watch, I started feeling an uncomfortable sensation that had nothing to do with the virus I was fighting. I wasn’t thinking about work, relationship drama, or even finances (which usually consume my thoughts). I was slowly realizing how fragile life is and how important it is to live a life of purpose and passion.

I enjoy the work I do and truly believe the industry that I am in will lead to a new path of creative expression (which I’m constantly looking to do). But as I laid there unable to write or work, my focus became inward. I was paying attention to what my body probably kept telling me to do all last year: SLOW DOWN.

My body had to physically disable me from the chaos of my hectic routine to remind me that this year I should get closer to perfecting the art of balance and slowing down.  To pay more attention for what is truly important, as each day is precious time we get to feel our cells come to life. To me, that creative expression is with nutrition and wellness, the never ending soul-searching I keep coming back to and hope to get closer with every experience and every blog post I write.

If you can remember what consumed your days back when you were five or seven years old, you could get a glimpse at what that creative expression looks like for you. Life is about experiencing and adjusting. Finding your true purpose to pursue it full force with your soul’s passion is a life-long journey worth taking. I mean, what else are we here for but to feel our cells come to life?

I started feeling energy coming back to me probably two weeks later. I was finally healing, and so I took notice of what actually made me feel better (of course, medicine played an important role) but I also was doing more of what I wasn’t giving me the time to do before: yoga, meditation, intuitive eating, etc.

These things are somewhat close related to nutrition and wellness (I am yet to work around understanding how all of those things work in unison), but one thing is for sure: I love spending time thinking, learning, and practicing the art of well-being seen through the consciousness lens.

All those holistic practices that we are seeing everywhere aren’t a millennial fad or some sort of new age bullshit. I truly believe that as a society, we are finally having a shift in our collective consciousness and paying attention to why we are here.

Kindness and love have never been more important, and I wish it was the biggest currency making the news (not just the bitcoin and cryptocurrency shenanigans we are getting). I want people to remember how powerful we all are, how our own future and well-being lies in the essence of life, our own consciousness.

To me, taking care of your body, mind and soul through all the possible ways to remain in a high-vibe all year round is the new success.

I hope you don’t catch a cold or the Flu this year, but if you do, realize that it’s more than just being down on your luck. It’s your body telling you it’s time to adjust your routine and maybe even taking a serious look (hopefully not two weeks in bed, like I did) at your overall life.

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