Why I believe slowing down is key in personal fulfillment

This might be such a Millennial thought- but grinding one thing at a time is hard for us. We are the generation of instant gratification, so if something isn’t giving us what we want or “need” at the moment we are quick to move on to the next thing, all in hopes that the change will fulfill us. And I’m all about change, trust me, I haven’t lived in one place for THAT long before wanting to move again. Yet, I have come to understand that humans might benefit from doing or being something for a longer-than-usual period of time.

Bare with me- I think it all makes sense given the situations in which we have grown and conditioned ourselves in, and there is a solution to fulfill us. It just hasn’t been that obvious…yet.

 It’s absolutely fine to want to start your own business. Our generation is extremely independent, so working for someone has been a collective struggle. I actually like to think of our generation as self-aware, more than entrepreneurial. Having our mindset focused on self-awareness and individuality makes us more conscious of our existence and what we do with our one life. We want freedom. Which is why some of us fail to adopt the cookie-cutter lifestyle model in which we stay at one job, married to one person (more on that to come….) or even live in one city for the rest of our lives.

I am not upset about any of our mind shifts, what bothers me is the impatience to which we react to everything. I am ridiculously impatient, and whenever I start to accelerate myself internally, I notice the mental imbalance that causes me to not focus or be able to excel at what I am doing. Could impatience be causing start-ups to crumble down?

If we first understand that everything that we perceive is just that, a perception, we could better help ourselves. Empower yourself with your own thoughts and change the perception of your reality. It takes time, but once you control your emotions and thoughts, you will control your reality. An efficient leader, one who can leverage a team’s abilities to succeed at creating a profitable business, has this mental and emotional intelligence.

My Mantras

Whenever I find myself in those bursts of impatience, I take 3 deep breaths (physically embodying control) and then I repeat in my head:

If you have been overwhelmed lately, give those mantras a try. They have helped me slow down- but that’s just my theory.

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