Time to get sh*t done in 2017

Ok guys, I have to be real. I am probably one of the most productive yet lazy people I know. Which, I guess it’s what we call a solid procrastinator. But I do need to get real with myself,  I need to work on that flaw and really get the discipline to work on all the things I have on my plate this year.

I also want to be accountable for my personal expectations, so I thought what better way to stay on top of my shit than to have a community of friends, family and strangers holding me accountable to my words.

One of the big reasons why I have been slacking is my lack of focus and deep concentration. My many fascinations energize me as they equally drain me. I have been going through so many little mind-breaks, that I am finally fed up- I am grabbing my body, mind, and soul and shaking some sense into them. After all, isn’t it all part of the “balancing” journey?

Without further ado, I present you my 2017 goals, and the fluid methods I plan to crush them.


For those of you who don’t know me, I am a marketer. I work at an ad agency focused on the Hispanic market and I’m learning all the ins and outs of social media and digital strategy. And I NEED to keep up with it as much as I need to keep up with my health regime.

Knowledge! Knowledge! Knowledge! I want to share with y’all my key learnings as I go through webinars, podcasts, books, and conferences on the industry.  Hey, if you are also in the industry you could learn a thing or two with me!


I am no stick, I have always been the “big-boned” friend and daughter. I have no problem with that (anymore), and now I genuinely just want to be lean and see some muscle. I also don’t think I have shared this with a lot of peeps, but I am getting certified to be a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant. I want to know how food plays a role in the process of defining my body as well as live a longer, healthy life.

Same as with everything- knowledge and work! I will be sharing what I learn on nutrition and wellness, and disclose any methods or “diets” (more like a new lifestyle) of foods and regimes I will get myself into. I will also try to document my journey leaning out and try do some fitness challenges (obvi, imposed by me to me) and maybe you can join or follow on your own.


No surprise here, as all of us humans know, there are times when the outside world can disrupt and negatively affect the way we feel and perceive the world. Staying centered and having a strong inner-self is crucial to take in life’s punches. Your relationship with the outside world is everything when it comes to your inner peace.

There are some amazing books out there that explore the way consciousness and meditation can get you closer to a more centered self. I will share my findings, as well as curate some personal experiences with my everyday relationships and thoughts on how I managed.

If you read this far, THANK YOU! – Now, let’s get this party started! I want to help you crush your goals, as well as keep myself encouraged to get my shit together.  Even if that means blogging my way through my own bullshit.

3 thoughts on “Time to get sh*t done in 2017

  1. I love when you say “My many fascinations energize me as they equally drain me.” I feel the same exact way! It can be exhausting to be such a passionate person.

  2. Very exhausting! But I am glad I am not the only one. I think if we work on being more self-aware and slow down we could preserve more energy. We will see! 🙂 Good luck with your fascinations!

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