Time to break off toxic cycles

Beautiful girl, you are strong. Beautiful girl, you are too kind. Beautiful girl, don’t let him have that golden heart of yours when all you keep getting are ashes.

When he tells you something that sounds like the things you unconsciously expect to hear, pay attention to the actions that come from the same being who speaks them. Is your gut a hundred and ten percent feeling it? Do you genuinely have that certainty he is being honest with you?

Beautiful girl, it’s okay if you keep falling back to the same toxic patterns you have created and conditioned yourself to be in, just remember to acknowledge how you truly feel to keep trying to make the right choices each time until you are out.

One wise woman once told me progress isn’t linear, but circular. You might keep circling back to where you started, but the fact that you keep trying your best to detach, to understand, to move on, the faster you will get out of that vicious cycle.

Like a physical addiction, the emotional dependency of a situation with a person is serious. Serious in the sense that you can really deform your reality to what love really is. Love is safety, love is trust, love is knowing that person would never do anything to hurt you. To the contrary, love is procuring the very same sanity of your existence, and in doing so creating beautiful moments of easiness, peace, and tranquility.

Don’t let the world fool you, don’t settle for what feels less lonely, establish a strong loyalty to yourself by being a hundred percent real to what you want and deserve.

That boy that keeps taking you for granted needs to learn the role of a woman in his life. A real woman won’t just give him what he wants, she will provide what he needs, even if that means a painful lesson. But don’t get me wrong, it could seem like it’s a lesson for yourself, staying away from someone toxic and learning from that experience isn’t your assignment. That is his.

He will learn about his own toxicity the moment he is left alone to his own polluting ways, with no outlet to let it out, he will slowly realize who he really is. It’s only when both women and men know themselves and their own needs, that coming together make sense.

I’m not saying to not try- I’m just saying to not get too attached to the idea of someone whom you have even the slightest of the doubts. When love comes, peace walks alongside it. No drama, no stresses, no doubts.

Don’t confuse his weaknesses with your own character. You are beautiful, you are whole, you are a true pure light. Not one person can dim it but yourself, so don’t fall for those tricks in which you walk with your head down because of a heartache. That is his heartache to carry. You are strong and whole, don’t take his lesson as yours, you are the teacher whose lesson starts the moment you walk out of his life.

I welcome you to the light- lightness in your heart, lightness in the way you walk away from the circular pattern of pain that is no longer pulling you back to where you started. Congratulations beautiful girl, you are closer to real love. And trust me, you won’t have any doubts or fears.

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