Why it’s important to be fascinated by something

My mom once told me I was the “ajonjolí de todos los moles”, which for those who don’t speak Spanish, it means that I like being in everything (the finger in every pie). By that I mean getting involved in different activities or hobbies (let’s call these passion sidelines), which are pretty much the many fascinations that I get myself into.

Let me name a few I have gotten my hands (and mind) on: Non-profit organizations, human rights, environmental advocacy, writing, marketing, social media, advertising, photography, biking, hiking, makeup, blogging, nutrition, fitness, reading, podcasts – I mean you get it. You probably have your many fascinations yourself, and being a human comes with the freedom to try and explore all “itches” for you to pursue these many personal interests.

Well, while I have been blessed with the opportunity to profit from some of these fascinations (I have worked with non-profits, as well as currently making a living out of social media advertising) there are some passions of mine that are not lucrative whatsoever. And those ones are the very reason why I even created this blog to begin with. I love sharing my experiences with people, because there’s that small possibility that I might inspire or introduce someone to a new hobby.

The brain (which as a subject is another fascination of mine) creates better connections (does a synapse ring a bell?) whenever you “fire up” different thoughts on unique focuses. Basically, the more you get yourself exposed to – the variety of experiences – strengthens your brain and allow you to grow and get closer to a more unified individual. Being well-rounded is being unified as an individual, think of it as a puzzle with many pieces that when stuck together create a beautiful image or panoramic macrocosm of beautiful aesthetics.

I will explain better in another blog post how the content, experiences, thoughts, and pretty much anything and everything you are exposed to truly get to shape you, and more importantly how to get yourself to control that for your own benefit (creating your desired reality).

For now, I just want to open your eyes to the opportunities that life as a conscious being grants you. When you were a child, your creative self was the strongest warrior out there, so I invite you to tap into that inner lil warrior you carry with you, and expose yourself to your passion sidelines. Pursue to the best of your abilities any or all “itches” that arise within you, and more importantly enjoy the journey of unifying yourself amongst others that share those same fascinations.

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