An open letter to you

Every person loves.

Life will bring people into your life, from friends to lovers, the people in your life are called into your existence for a reason. And it’s because of how you have been introduced to “normal” ways of being that we unconsciously measure each experience and person against that socially collective norm. But at the end of the day, all of that doesn’t really matter. And growing up means understanding just that.

When it comes to love, and loving a specific someone, there’s more to it than just enjoying someone and sharing perfect moments. It’s about understanding the other person’s perspective on life, challenges, fears, and dreams, and letting it be. The first person to love will always be yourself, and once you are completely aware of your own perspective on life, your own challenges, fears and dreams, then the sharing of perspectives that create connections can become what we know as love.


To you,

I’ve come to understand the endless love that I have towards myself has, to some degree, permeated through all of my relationships including ours. I understand that big obstacles come with complicated psychologies. Our minds are sponges that don’t discriminate when they absorb our surroundings. The good and bad will always be there, especially because nothing is truly right or wrong, until we see how it affects us. Did you hurt me? Did I hurt you? Is this really bad?

I think everyone is capable and at a constant verge of causing pain (I mean that’s you and I), what makes us human is the need to control outside elements for our own good, selfishness is natural. But love is this buffering of pain, it isn’t constant and it fluctuates more aggressively than anything. The key is to swim around the individual needs and wants of each other (but you don’t swim around mine), where there are episodes of give and take, surrendering to what is doable. The beauty of individuality is the infinite amount of unique love-connections. Separating yourself from your ever-attaching ego isn’t easy, but it’s human to attempt it and experience what comes with trying (after all, that’s what I tried with you).

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