What is A.S.M.R.?

What is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response? For me, it is the cure to insomnia, but for most, it’s the most bizarre, awkward, and uncomfortable thing ever. The so-called “tingles” one gets when listening to particular sounds, voices, or even by watching people’s mannerisms.

A.S.M.R. is a physical experience that manifests in the back of your neck, traveling with blissful strength down your spine and extending to every limb of your body. At least, this is the addictive feeling that I have been experiencing repeatedly ever since I was 7 years old.

However, why is it that for most it is the most bizarre and uncomfortable feeling ever? Well, there’s only a few lucky people out there who can have their cake and eat it too. A.S.M.R. is a phenomenon that not everyone experiences. Research is currently being done on the ins and outs of this “selective” feeling.

As far as my personal experience with A.S.M.R. goes (going to be honest here), it’s quite the addictive kind of “fetish”? I don’t even know if fetish is the right word here, after all, the media have JUST started bombarding us with a few selections of what A.S.M.R. is.

Let me tell you one thing though, I am so glad this is an actual topic out there. WHY? Because I have been wondering what these “tingles” that I have been living with since I can remember are even all about.Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.01.26 AM

I used to think they were just ordinary weather goose bumps, however, when I started feeling the tingles even when watching someone wash the dishes, I knew it wasn’t a normal thing. Nonetheless, I embraced it. I thrived on playing games that would make me experience this phenomenon. As weird as it sounds to those who cannot experience it, it is truly a blissful affliction.

I have switched my melatonin and ZzzQuil for a healthier sleeping-aid: ASMR videos.

YouTube is FILLED with them, I kid you not, my friends think I’m crazy, but when I tell them I can take a nap even when I don’t feel tired or sleepy; that’s when it gets real. A.S.M.R. is a legitimate feeling that some researchers out there are ruling out as fake or non-conclusive. However, take my word for it. When the Huffington Post compared the feeling triggered by A.S.M.R.to that of a sexual orgasm, they nailed it (no pun intended).

These “tingles” come accompanied by the same cloud-floating feeling everyone (hopefully) experiences after reaching an orgasm.

Though, let’s not get too technical here. After all, I am just here sharing another human truth, which sadly not every human gets to experience in their lifetime.

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