4 big influencers that shaped my mindset in college

For the past few months, I have been immersing myself in trying to figure out my life; where I want to go, how I will get there, and most importantly, who I want to become. When people get too overwhelmed with their routines, they stop doing what they love and need the most, which for me is writing.

I have not been able to write down all these ideas that my mind has been dwelling on. However, while I have neglected my writing, what I will never stop doing is being in a constant disposition to be in awe, wondering, and being influenced. What we read, talk, watch, and do inspire us and influence our souls, thus preparing us to keep doing what we love to do.

I want to share what I have been getting my head around these past few months that kept me from writing:

Arianna Huffington: This woman is my QUEEN. I have read her newest book Thrive a couple times by now, and every time I get something different out of it. I would encourage you to read this one; it truly is the bible of our generation.

Arianna signing my Thrive book while my soul was exploding inside <3

Arianna signing my book as my soul  exploded inside ❤

Jason Silva: Da man! This amazing human has the capacity to recite quotes on the spot from the most famous intellectual minds; Jason has a YouTube channel where he posts his Shots of Awe. These short films (I have seen every single one at least once) are the reason why I am in constant awe with the world, and have made me question the human potential, not only on Earth, but also in the Universe.

Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl): The reason why I got an Instagram in the first place. Rachel is a yoga instructor who lives in Aruba, travels the world, and inspires everyone to become a flexible beach bum (at least me). Following her on Instagram and now on YouTube, she motivates my inner hippie to go after my everlasting dream of teaching Paddle boarding in Australia.

My Boston babies: These are my friends, my family outside of home. I have been spending the most amazing, inspiring, mind opening time with my friends in Boston. They have helped me through hangovers, spend more than enough time at coffee shops with me talking about the nonsense of life, and been my music in my long runs, talking me through 10+ miles of the city. They are the nutrients of my food…you peeps keep me going.

So there they are, the influencers of my daily life, the reasons why I am able to write and be now.

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