How I see life like a big dinner metaphor

I have a tendency of thinking every human facet as a metaphor. I love comparing things in a way that people, when analyzing the metaphors, look back into the original dilemma, and act on it in an honest, human way.

To me, metaphors are a base of human existentialism that can take our minds into an abyss of lost and forgotten thoughts, which awaken our real human essence, and in turn our existence to the present moment.

I think I came up with my dinner-life metaphor when I was walking in London one day. I realized at that moment, that my family and friends, passion in life, love life, and finances where all coming together to my soul in a way that fitted into a perfect soulful puzzle inside me. Each of these has a different size, due to its prominence in my life. Therefore, I came up with a dinner metaphor that described my life; moreover, it applies to everyone out there trying to juggle life and all of its facets.

Some are just lucky enough to be able to choose our meals.

Some of us are just lucky enough to be able to choose our meals.

The Breakdown:

Main Dish: This is your passion, your work. You wake up and get excited about being part of this. This is bigger than yourself, and you would spend every waking minute of your lifetime doing it.

It nourishes your soul, mind, and body. It has all the nutrients that you need to live an energized, rich, and full life.

Glass of water: This is your family and friends. You cannot go through a meal without water. Your friends and family keep every bite of your main dish going smoothly. You need them to be alive you cannot live without them. Water is life, family and friends bring you life.

Utensils: The fork and the knife of life is money. Economic stability. You cannot dig into your plate without your utensils. You need money to keep doing what you love the most. You need the fork and the knife to successfully manage to get every piece and bit off your plate.

Caffeine: This is your sidekick of energy to keep you going through your meal. This caffeine is love. People sometimes make the mistake of making their caffeine their main dish, but this has no nutritional value, which doesn’t lead to a healthy, nourished life. Coffee is here to make you enjoy your main dish. Love fuels your passion. This caffeine comes in all shapes and forms throughout life. You can have a shot of espresso (those fast lived loves who lift you high and live you tired), a skinny vanilla latte (which provides for some nice easy going caffeine distribution), green tea (the healthy love that you never truly feel that hyper, but it lifts you), or your Red Bull (when you just have to have love/passion to keep you awake through your meal a.k.a. hook ups). Caffeine and love are needed to feel a boost in your life, which makes you feel awake to life. Be careful not to abuse it, or it will leave you jittery and hopeless.

**Thank you stranger for inspiring me into writing tonight after a hiccup of silence**

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