A reminder that you are more than what you see

We have grown up believing that what we are made up of is not good or beautiful. We have been taught how to hide and conceal many of our characteristics and temporary conditions.

Society has embedded in our brains the need to see and copy. Mimicking all that is around us has been our second nature, because our first nature is just to be.

I’ve always wondered who are the ones who dictate who mimics who. Who made up the template? Why do we keep doing what is obviously going against our nature?

Makeup, diets, models, lifestyles, medicines, supplements, vices, media, crisis, toxins, fads, regimens, structures, politics, rules; who started them all?

When did natural beauty of ‘being’ stopped being what is right, positive, raw, natural, simple, comfortable, desired, allowed?

I will always question this because even though I think of these things, I keep falling in the same hole we are all in. I guess it’s so big at this point that there’s no ground above it, we have all sunken into a reality that we didnt even have a say in.

Pop culture: the best invention that adults could come up with to keep the youth ignorant, so they could keep doing their mess.

Being aware of your environment, your world, that’s what will bring back awareness to yourself. An individual’s sense of “I” has been nothing but a glass in which it sees right through a world of expectations and misconceptions.

Be Present

Because when we look right through what’s outside, we can’t see what it’s inside


Social media helps boost the need to get faster to a place where everyone is lost, rather than each of us finding our own paths and passions. We don’t need a crystal clear glass to look through and gaze at, we need to be looking at the mirror of self love, self awareness, and kindness. Seeing you is seeing reality. Your reality is the right one; so don’t look right, left, or behind you. Look within  you. Welcome to your reality.

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