Quick note on how we are a “woke” generation

Our generation is starting to awaken. I have had the most amazing, deep, meaningful conversations with people my age and from all walks of life. Customers at my work, coworkers at the break room, my closest of my friends, we all agree on something: we are not doing what we love.

I understand that the generation X before us was, as my marketing CB3 book states “slackers, cynics, and alienated” individuals who did what they were told. There they are, doing business, following this day-to-day dogma that is giving them both money and stress. Society has embedded a cancer that has been growing ever since they came up with the 9-5 schedule.

Millennials want more than money, they want to create something for themselves that can bring them happiness because it’s their passion. It’s something that they would do 24 hours a day if they could. Passion and motivation is all that we need to keep the “economy” going, but more importantly LIFE going.

Millennials want to help people. It’s no longer what you can do for your nation, but what you can do for your world. The lifestyles that we are all living will become the world. Sustainability and social responsibility have never been more desired, yet we do not believe enough in ourselves to accomplish any plans we truly believe in. One small change in attitude can and will have a huge impact on how we see “dreams” and how those “dreams” can become realities if we only keep acting on our passions.

Do what you love, give back to the world with any positive energy that you can create. It’s on that energy that we will inspire more people, hence creating the change we have been yearning for, but have been to “stressed” to work on.


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