How I lost 5 lbs without trying.

I had been mentally preparing myself to go two months without a proper gym while studying abroad in London. I was 200% sure I was going to gain at least 5-10 solid pounds while eating, drinking my face off, and not working out as rigorously as I had been while in the States. I was okay with that.

The first days I struggled, not being able to do sprints in a treadmill, or doing elliptical warm-ups, leave alone lift anything heavier than a six-pack of London Pride beers. My friend Raisa and I went running like crazy in Hyde Park, one time even running twice in a day. I started realizing how crazy that was.

And so, I meditated myself into being comfortable with not exercising.

As I kept walking everywhere, I also kept eating out in restaurants too often. Therefore, to me, I was keeping some balance. Another thing that helped in my secretly “fit” study abroad was that my room was the last one at the very top of the house. I had to go 8 flights of stairs to go to my room everyday, which meant I was doing a 200-calorie burn every time I went up and down once to my room.

The running 4-5 miles up to 4 times a week, going to and from my room, plus walking everywhere using the London Tube System were really great gym-substitutes. The dancing burned some serious cals too! These two solid months of no gym made me realize how the process of weight-loss and healthy lifestyle is pretty easy to do if you just focus on living life.IMG_4289

The world is your gym, life is a playground in which we find our favorite swing, or slide, and we stick to it because we have fun. Moreover, it’s perfectly fine to change games, as long as you keep having fun and enjoying the rides. Being fit and healthy is different than being a magazine model, or a Tumblr fitblr post. Wanting someone’s body is like being in a swing and looking at the people in the slide; enjoy your current ride, and be patient because you can be in the slide, you just have to enjoy the swing. You can become healthy. You can have a great body according to your body frame.

Before London and Paris, I was at the gym every day, eating healthy, and trying “diets” that in the end made me lose 0-2 lb. I reset my mindset and focused on life and its enjoyment rather than the actual fitness routines, and I lost 5 lb. I had fun, and I didn’t stress over it.

ParisTo everyone who is TRYING to lose weight (if it’s vanity weight like mine), STOP TRYING. Live a fun and active life and you will be fine. The less you focus on it, the more progress you will accomplish.

Our bodies are the ships and our souls are the passengers, don’t wreck your ship just because everyone else has different upgrades. Remember that without the passengers, the ships wouldn’t exist. Nourish your passenger. Nourish your soul.

Every ship will upgrade with time, just like everything we are a lifelong work in progress.

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