Why it’s important to embrace the lows of life

I think everyone should embrace depression (if experienced at some point their life). This sounds weird I know, but think about it. Without reaching a point of depression, there would never be that ascending feeling of enlightenment.

More than an enlightening breakthrough, I think feeling depressed means that you cared so much about something, you believed in something so passionately that you have to take a moment of silence to take it all in. The potential energy that has been thrown at you after the magnificent checkpoint-moment that you went through needs to settle in and make you grow. Overcoming challenges is the meaning of life. Being successful is making it to places you have never been before with the weirdest, hardest methods of reaching them. Looking back and “phew-ing” at past memories is success to me.

You really need to make a huge “mistake;” you need to fuck-up so hard at some point.

Living does not mean following a manual where you have a set of steps. Life is what you make out of it, there are no real rules, frames, or right ways of doing ANYTHING. So, in reality, what is ”fucking-up”?

Instead of making depression a negative feeling, why not embrace the fact that we as humans got a chance to make a decision that was propelled by our own intuitions and passions. What are intuitions and passions but mere aspects of human individuality? Love the fact that you stayed so true to yourself, and you believed in something so strongly at some point that you exploited it to the point of destruction.

When you are close to your last conscious days as a human, you will want to have a sense of satisfaction that can only be felt through the Wow-cant-believe-I-did that rather than the I-wish-I-have-done-that moments.

Every experience is a lesson that challenges your soul for the continuum of change. I always try to do something that scares me. Doing things that push me to my emotional and physical limit only make me feel even more alive. Every day there are fewer things that one can do/try for the first time.

Don’t abuse just one way of living, don’t commit yourself to one perspective or way of doing things. Do as much as you can, and feel as much as you possibly can. Only then will you feel satisfied with the sense of “living.”

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