The importance of being ridiculously optimistic

We must laugh at it all. Life is nothing but a short second in which we get to breathe and do things that entertain us. Drama and all circumstances in which people give the attribution of eternity are nothing but insignificant situations that keep us from truly living.

It’s in our nature to love, but it’s nurture who teaches us to hate and feel pain. There is nothing more beautiful than the realization of things happening for a reason. People connect, fall in love, create, destruct, laugh, and learn from everything they do and experience because that’s what happened.

There should be no opposition to life. Let things happen and come as your soul and energy feel like dealing with it. If one tries to control or argue, or even plan on actions and reactions to things for them to happen a certain way, one will do little to nothing with their lives.


Never, EVER, regret anything that has ever happened to you. Everything that you have come to do, hate, love or wished, have helped in taking you to where you are; and if you are reading this, that means you are alive, have a computer and most importantly are breathing. Therefore, any decisions and “challenges” that you have come to face have definitely been good to you because you are here.

I want you to know that yes, I am human; we all are, so we will definitely feel positive and negative emotions. However, even the worst of the feelings have beauty in them. Never forget why you are here, you have done so much in your life so far, that you might see it as insignificant because you keep comparing yourself to everyone and their mother around you.

No, I have never met a celebrity in real life; nor can I afford Michael Kors online shopping sprees, or $3000+ monthly rents. But I can afford to embrace where I am. To never lose the spark of life that gives one character. You cant control or change your height, weight, bank account balance (ok, that fluctuates, so whatever), past relationships, lost friendships, health conditions, etc. But what you can change is your outlook in life.

Your perspective and attitude is all that matters, because it’s the only thing that you can truly say you can have control over.

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