Why you should try blogging

Sophomore year in High School. This was the year I became what people call a “blogger.” At the moment, I didn’t quite know what I was doing or how I was doing it, but one thing I knew for sure was WHY I was doing it.Blogging. Basically what Im doing right now. But, why do people blog?
Many would say to share their ideas, products, advertise, express themselves, etc. There are many platforms that allow you to blog. These come with many perks, many “upgrades” (*cough money again :/ cough*), but the reason I decided to blog, was to make myself aware of who I was. I am not talking about some weird writer persona or alternative-ego-exploration shananigan, I am talking about growing that life-drive within you.  As you write whatever it is that you are passionate about, you start cultivating that sense of purpose.

My first blog was in Blogger.com, I was in love with the sense of community that I felt by knowing that strangers and randoms were reading what I, a 16-year-old, was experiencing.

As far as I remember, I wasn’t satisfied with Blogger.com, I wanted my blog to be seen by many people. The more, the scarier, the better. So I turned to WordPress.com, which is this beautiful platform that enables me to be read and seen, (yes, seen! I am working on an Adventures section 🙂 ).

I think blogging has made me less scared of the “what would people think” feeling that many of us have experienced sometime so far in our lives.

Blogging has definitely inspired me into believing that I am in a world that has a better sense of connection than ever; That life isn’t about working at a 9 am-5 pm job.

Life is about exploring that which you love, and exploit it to its maximum until you are left breathless, euphoric, and in-love with life.

Blogging just helps me grow internally, keeps me motivated, and fearless. Yes, there are millions of blogs out there, yet the chances are, someone out there will read what you do and will want to follow up with your life. Blog followers are friends who want to “keep in touch” even when you havent met them yet.

I think everyone should try blogging, even when it’s only “reblogging” things that inspire you, define you, or touch you. We are humans, we need social interaction, and even the most shy of a person wants to be heard.

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