One movie clip that will change your perception of life

I grew up watching all kinds of movies with my dad. He is the definition of an eccentric movie goer. That’s why I think I saw a Charles Chaplin movie before a Disney one. Charles Chaplin’s movie The Great Dictator  was the first movie I saw him speaking in. I was in awe the moment he opened his mouth in the speech scene of this movie, but it wasn’t the fact that he spoke that caused me shock. Charlie Chaplin delivers an incredibly inspiring and true speech in the movie. Chaplin’s satiric aura was interrupted by a serious and conscious life changing speech. Here is the video of his speech. The movie shows him speaking the whole time, but because I am a ridiculously visual person, I had to post the one that got me the most. The images that accompany his words of wisdom give me goose-bumps every time.

In a world that’s so absorbed in a life routine that revolves around money, greed, competition, and sick ambition, Chaplin’s words make me feel better about my approach to life. “We think too much, and feel too little,” if I ever have kids (in fact, I want three), I will raise them with the same mentality that I have come to shape mine. Kindness, humanity, and passion are more important than numbers, diplomas, or resumes.

Thank you, Charlie.

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