College days: That one time I realized you are more than your body

Who doesn’t want to be or have everything perfect? Everyone. Why? So everything is “easier”, so you fit in, so you have money, so you are emotionally stable, etc. What I don’t get is why take away all the fun that life has to offer through its “horrors”? There is no real magic to solve your “problems”, but the closest thing to it is laughter, fun, and cynicism. Well, at least that’s what I think. I thought of what 20-somethings want to make perfect in their lives, especially for the girls, it’s weight.

I am a sophomore in college, and I can tell you, I did not gain 15 pounds last year. I might have gained 5 lbs tops. What I am trying to say is that we don’t need to worry about our weight anymore.

All the extra fat that might drive you crazy is all vanity weight. If you are a Real House Wife of wherever, you will definitely need to worry, because apparently that’s all they care about, appearance, and pointless drama. However, luckily you are a human being who enjoys doing many things, including eating. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the gym, mainly because I release my energy, and I LOVE the runner’s high.

Nevertheless, if the gym is not your thing, and you like to eat a lot, so be it. People really need to stop worrying about their shape. Who says tall and skinny is the right thing to be? I heard you, magazines and TV shows right? Well do you think celebrities and models love their strict diets? They do not.

Enjoy the perfect moments

Enjoy the perfect moments

Dieting is for those who need to please society by complying with what the minority says. Go to the gym because of the pleasure you get out of it, eat healthy because of the way it makes you feel. Likewise, eat a donut because of the satisfying flavor, have a soda because of the sugar rush, smoke a cigarette because of the oral fixation, drink alcohol because of the buzz, eat carbs, don’t eat carbs. Do whatever it takes for you to enjoy everyday of your life without thinking of what everyone else is doing with his or her bodies.

I think that if being skinny, or fit, is your personal goal, then go for it. Just don’t stress about it. I can tell you, you can so do it. You can lose 5 or 50 pounds if you want to. I love being lazy, so if I enjoy doing that, I wont kill myself emotionally, just because I missed a workout. If you are going to be a fanatic of something, let it be of life. I disagree with what the media has set for us. 5’10 and 110 pounds doesn’t sound as exciting as 5’2 130 pounds. Look at all the potential fun there is while having a little vanity weight. Seriously, if you are 5 to 20 pounds “overweight”, you have more fun trying to get rid of it. The excitement you get from working hard and seeing results is much more thrilling than being perfect and just worrying of losing the “perfection.”

Perfection to me is when you work towards something in different ways that you see progress. Perfection is not an actual goal, or place to be. You are perfect if you are trying different things that lead you to enjoy even more of what you like to do. That is perfect. A body is not perfect, but the way in which you live your life is. A tangible thing cannot be perfect to me. No physical thing is ever permanent, with this in mind; I think we should put more thought into the intangible things in our lives. A process, a thought, an experience, an idea, a journey, a lifetime is perfect. So don’t try to make a “perfect” body, but a perfect life in which you get to enjoy all the things that you have, including your body.

I could have gone to the gym right now, but I would rather watch a movie with my loved ones while eating heavily buttered popcorn; a perfect moment. I have a month with my family and a lifetime with my body; I think the gym can wait.


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