Good intentions circle back to you

When we think of destiny, we should think of a big plan, something that we were meant to do and become, that, I don’t believe. What I do believe though, it’s on fate.

Fate is whatever consequence your action had and was meant to be in order for you to be where you are and who you are now. I think it’s important for people to allow their fate to flow, and accept that there are no regrets in life. At one moment or another, we wanted to do something, and the outcome is what it is.

In the meanwhile, (while you go through a lifelong journey of acts and consequences) you should concentrate on bringing the best out of people. Enjoying each and everyone’s company, letting all the negativity explode into thin air and leave you with only that beautiful feeling that you want everyone around you to experience.

Try to make someone’s life better by being better yourself. If you show compassion, love, and gratitude, people would see and want to do the same for someone. Why? Because of the joy and fulfillment that brought you when doing so.

Don’t let someone’s bad mood, or character affect yours. Instead, focus on inflicting them with what makes you happy, what brings you joy and fulfillment; that’s what you want them to want to share. I call that hope, calm, pure joy. Whatever it is that you do, go out, make someone’s life a little better. I promise you, it will bring happiness, joy and fulfillment right back at you, and that is a cycle we don’t ever want to break. Ever.

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