Quick insight to what I learned while working in retail

Life is chaotic, there is no order, and if you try to fix everything all the time, you will just stress yourself.

This past week was my first week at work. I was hired at DSW and my job is to fix and organize the shoeboxes that people mess around with. Time goes fast doing that, trust me, I am really into organizing and stuff; it clears my mind and I am paid for it.

Today, as I was putting away some shoes in an aisle, I turn to see the next aisle being a mess. As a sales associate I also have to provide costumer service, so when I have all these things to attend to, finishing them all up and going back to see that the same corridor I previously fixed was destroyed again, really made me angry. However, at the same time it also really got me to think. It is my job after all, why wouldn’t I expect chaos to keep happening wherever people are? And so, in that short 4-hour shift I got to think about life and the way we deal/react to it. These are three things I semi-grasped for a second:

  1. Go with the flow

If I just go with it, if I just accept what I have to do, my “duties” as an employee, then the work isn’t as bad. Same with life, if we just accept what we have to do/deal with everyday, our “duties” as humans, then we can de-stress ourselves. We just have to go with the flow.

It takes too much energy (mental/emotional stress) to go against the current of anything.

2. Everything is gray

Don’t judge any situation. Don’t see something as bad or good, just as what it is. How do we know what is pleasant if we don’t know what it’s not pleasant? Yeah, fixing the same shoeboxes constantly might sound “negative” but compared to what? I can compare the task to two completely different things, which would make my job seem as either paradise, or hell. Therefore, everything is gray. As gray matter, it should be treated as just a color that has a no definite hue.

3. You have been timed?

Whenever I hear the song “live like we are dying” I can either go to the extreme of blowing everything up to do what I love, because well you know, we might die tomorrow. But that is not the way to approach this..umm proverb? What I discovered is, we should do the task in hand with the mentality of that being the only task we have left to do in our life. That way you are more prone to do your very best, bringing positive energy into your soul. When you think of all the other things you have left to do, you are not putting your best energy at work in your priority. Everything will eventually end up being done, even if it takes you more than the 24 hours of the day.

Nothing is ever done late. You want to do things the best way possible, if “time” is an issue in your life, then that means you are not doing what you love. In REAL life there is no time; just a lifetime. Society made a calendar, a timeframe, a reality that is completely different to what you as a human being are. Live according to your expectations, your desires, and your realities. If we all do the same things, the same ways, our lives would be wasted. You have succeeded at living like the person next door.

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