Why I believe change is natural

Today after analyzing everything (not much different from everybody’s drama) surrounding me, I came to some life conclusions:

  • There’s no such thing as “quiet” people. We are just mentally holding the pieces of our life’s puzzle together so we don’t fall apart. It’s ok to have those “awkward” silences, I mean we need to have them, otherwise our conversations would be full of insignificant thoughts and ideas that cross our minds. We have to have the time to mentally re-organize our puzzle pieces so we choose the right one to pull out, and so our puzzle will not disintegrate.


  • If we look at the people we interact with everyday, we can all agree on how everyone changes. The change itself, I perceive as misplacement. Our friends/acquaintances become misplaced in our lives, their changed personalities distance us from them and we no longer feel happiness or love when we are with them. Therefore, we miss them even though they are still next to us, (like living among zombies…or worse) it’s like seeing their ghosts, and we can not do anything to bring them back to life. Stressful right?


  • My original question was: Why do we hold onto people hoping the love we share is the same it has been when we clearly know they are different people now? Possible answers: is it because it’s not okay to just let go? Or because it would make us look weak about not believing we can put up with the changes and not take the “challenge.”But then thanks to a really close friend of mine, my question drifted to an unexpected answer: We should just love unconditionally, yet we should not get attached, and therefore according to karma, others will love us unconditionally as well.


I personally see things now through a very Buddhist-influenced perspective, (which I think you can see being reflected in the very last sentence of the third point) and it works for me. It eases my existential anxiety. It gives me strength to fight the negative things in my life and replaces them with positive ones.

How is your perspective shaping your life?

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