Gym life: Step over the line dividing the intimidated and self-motivated.

As I reach the second floor of the gym, something hits me: there is a drastic separation between men and women. The men overcrowd the weight room, leaving no room for the intimidated women to work on, and as far as the “women’s section” goes, the treadmill and the Stairmaster seem to be the only workouts in these women’s routines.

A room full of tough guys lifting weights sure sounds frightening, but just like them, women have the same right to be in there as well.

I am not a fitness trainer, but spending a great amount of time in, and reading numerous books on health and fitness sure gave me the basic knowledge of appropriate fitness.

So, let’s start by explaining how a great body is made way beyond the cardio machines, in fact, a great body can’t be reached without stepping foot into the “men’s zone”.

Implementing strength training and weight lifting into one’s workout is the key to open the door to a successful workout. One can go deeper into the actual physiology of body composition and stuff, but in plain English, I can say that muscle burns fat. If one builds muscle by lifting weights and doing strength training, then it is a no brainer on what needs to be done.

Everybody’s gym motto should be “I am here for myself, nobody else” because with this on mind, I believe one can accomplish a better and more effective workout. People, especially women, should stop comparing themselves to other women; everyone went through different life experiences that got them to where they are.

Women shouldn’t look at other men thinking “what would they think of me”, or “are they looking at my thighs?“ because first of all one should be paying attention to the exercise they are doing, if one concentrates on the form and performance of an exercise then it’s more likely that the workout actually “works” out.

Fitness enthusiasts should have themselves as their biggest fans. Self-motivation inspires everyone around.

Try it, step over the line dividing the intimidated and self-motivated. It’s likely that you will lose (some pounds), and win (some confidence).

2 thoughts on “Gym life: Step over the line dividing the intimidated and self-motivated.

  1. I can’t believe how fast time has passed
    …. you are writing and it’s awesome!! keep it up! I love you with all my heart!!!! Belinda Villicana

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