Quick recipe to make the best out of your lifetime

 Follow the instructions below for one damn good life:

Cooking time: 100 years                  Servings: 1


1)   Passion for something

2)   Hope and perseverance

3)   Healthy habits and fitness

4)   Love from family and friends

5)   Open mind


  • First, I believe that life has no meaning without a passion for something. This can be having passion towards a hobby or something you are good at. Your passion can be your job, an activity you feel strong about, or even an idea or concept that can be taken far enough to dedicate your life learning about it.
  • Once you have found this “something” that you are beyond enamored with, have faith and believe in it. When enduring issues and obstacles, such as failures, losses or injustices that may be found on your way, remember to have perseverance. This same perseverance will be the one that in the end will motivate and inspire you to be fulfilled with happiness, therefore living a meaningful life.
  • After finding the motivation that keeps you doing what you love, you will draw extra energy and should use it towards body nourishment. Such nourishment should come from clean eating and challenging exercise. By eating healthy and keeping your body active, you will feel an overall boost of happiness that will radiate all areas of your life. This will also aid in the “cooking time” process, because for a human being to live up to a hundred years, one must take care of ones body. Your body is your home, and in order to keep living in it, you will definitely need some maintenance. Healthy habits and fitness will definitely bring the tools needed for your body to keep up with your mind.
  • Next, everyone, and I mean every single human with a soul needs to have some sort of companionship. Here is where family and friends come into play. It doesn’t matter what kind of family you have, it will work perfectly fine, because for the next hundred or so years you get to live, family will come in handy when dealing with the obstacles previously stated. Friends are another incredibly important part in your lifetime. This ingredient is more versatile, and you may find yourself substituting some once every now and then. However, keep in mind that you will always be having this important ingredient, because without friends, there is no support on some things that your family might sometimes not agree with.  Think of your family and friends as the “water” ingredient, because without them nothing will mix well.
  • Finally, you must have an open mind. Without this final step, I assure you, you will not get the most out of your lifetime. In an ever-changing world, people’s lives are taken to so many different places, either geographical or mental.  This is a known truth; therefore, you must do, or at least try, to keep your mind open to all of the ideas, concepts, and lifestyles that are out there. This ingredient is also imperative to have, because without it you will never feed your brain with all there is to learn about what you love the most. Therefore, this brings me back to the first ingredient, which is your passion. By keeping that mind of yours flowing with ideas and knowledge, your passion for that “something” will reach such heights, that you will finally learn that there is nothing that is impossible. Everything you do, can, and will be possible if you put together all of these ingredients. Thus, you will make the most out of your lifetime.


One thought on “Quick recipe to make the best out of your lifetime

  1. Alejandra:
    I enjoyed a lot your article! It has a lot of true and I will print it to have it on hand, due that I found this recipe very helpful for all persons.
    Thank you very much sharing with all your value thoughts!!!

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